Advisory Services

At Dando Financial we can help your business thrive with valuable insights from our business advisory services.

From cash-flow management to benchmarking & financial metrics evaluation our business advisory services help you get the most out of your business so that you can achieve your goals.

Benchmarking & Financial Metrics

There are many different financial metrics out there, some are more useful than others, and those are different in every industry. With our benchmarking and financial metrics service we will determine the financial metrics that are best for your business and provide you with regular updates on how your business is performing and the trends that we see, both good and bad.

A key factor in our benchmarking and financial metrics service is that your business have accurate bookkeeping records. Without this, there is little use to our work and it will not be in either of our best interests to proceed with this service.

Cash Flow Management

Cash flow management is a continuous process that helps you make sure that your business will be in a both a position to make sure that it can pay all of its bills as well as put it in a position to survive the next crisis or jump at the next great business opportunity.

Our cash flow management service makes sure that you are not running your business by the seat of your pants. We will:

  • Help you know whether or not you are on track to pay all of your bills on time, and if not we will help you get on track
  • Help you build up a cash buffer to take advantage of a business opportunity and/or stave off a crisis.
  • Help you secure additional funding if needed
  • Help plan your bill payment cycles
  • Help you save for your year-end tax bill
  • Help improve your accounts receivable practices

With our cash flow management service we will help you make sure that your business is both profitable and cash flow positive so that you can succeed going forward!

Business Valuation

Business valuation is a vital step to take on a regular basis throughout a businesses life cycle. Whether you plan on handing the business down to a family member, selling it and using the proceeds as part of retirement, or if you are trying to expand and need an outside investor it is necessary to have an idea of what your business is worth.

There are many different valuation approaches that can be used and it is vital to know which one to use for each unique situation.

If you would like to have a rough idea before going into a valuation talk determine your profit before interest, depreciation, amortization, and taxes and multiply by 5 (please keep in mind this is vary rough, is less accurate for certain industries, can vary drastically from year-to-year for smaller businesses and is useless for years with a loss).

We get to know your business and consider the following valuation approaches for each business that we value:

  • Profit Multiplier (See above)
  • ○ Cost Approach (usually the floor price)
  • ○ Income Approach (requires business risk
    • assessment)
  • ○ Market Approach (not always determinable)

Whether you decide to go with Dando Financial or another company, please consider this a regular checkup for the health of your business and your personal future.

Business Succession Planning

An effective succession plan gives you peace of mind.

Whether it’s right around the corner, or you are just starting out a business succession plan is a vital part of both your business’s and your own personal well being. It allows for your heirs to receive the optimal value for your business in the worst case scenario and in the best case scenario it allows for you to have control of your personal financial plan and transition into retirement effectively.

There are many stages involved in business succession planning, including:

  1. Assessment
    • Business Valuation
    • Attractiveness vs. Readiness
  2. Preparation
    • Personal Financial Planning
    • Business Improvements
    • Transition Options
  3. Decide
    • Grow your company, or
    • Enact your transition plan

We can help you in any or all of these stages/steps to help you take your business where you want it to go!

Business Process Improvement

Business process improvement is a key step to making sure that your business is as efficient and profitable as possible. There are many different methodologies that your business can implement from Six Sigma to Lean Manufacturing, however, the goal is always the same, make your business run as efficiently as possible while making sure you have a quality product going out to your customer.

Whether your business is brand new or has been around the block a time or two, it can help to have an outside eye look at how your business processes are working and make suggestions as to what could be done differently to help make your business realize its full potential. At Dando Financial, LLC this is what we strive to do because if your business is successful than so is ours.

Getting the Most Out of Our Business Advisory Services

While our business advisory services may be purchased a-la-carte, it is our experience that they are most beneficial to our clients when they are coupled with our monthly bookkeeping and tax preparation services as it allows us to have a more thorough knowledge of your business and its needs.

Please reach out to our friendly staff if you have any questions or schedule an appointment today, you will be amazed at how easy your bookkeeping can be with Dando Financial!

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