Financial Planning

At Dando Financial we help you make your goals a reality by understanding who you are and what best works for you.

However, we are not miracle workers. Depending on your individual scenario, where you are starting from, your stage in life, and the goals you have for your future it may be a tough road ahead, and there may be hard decisions to make, but we will be there to help you succeed as long as you want to succeed.

Our hands on approach means that we do not make cookie cutter advice, our initial consultation will allow us to get to know you, your goals, and your situation. From there we will be able to tailor our advice suit you. Below are our most popular financial planning services, however, we offer a wide variety of other financial planning services both in addition to, and in conjunction with those below in order to develop a comprehensive financial plan for you.


A key to success in many people’s lives is the ability to budget. While this can mean many different things to different people the main objective of budgeting is to spend less than you make so that you can begin reach your goals.

Budgeting gives you a reality check on how much you are spending and on what so that you can make sure that it aligns with where your priorities are, whether that is tithing for your church, giving to charity, saving for retirement, other goals, or all of the above.

At Dando Financial, our goal is for you to be successful, because your success means both our success and the success of your community.

Tax Planning

Is a big purchase or sale around the corner? Are you about to have a child, or are you about to be an empty nester? There are many life events that we can help you navigate in order to have the best tax outcome come April 15th!

Retirement Planning

Whether you have been saving for retirement since you were a kid, you are just starting out, or you would like to get your children on the right path, our retirement planning services have you covered. We will discuss your goals, timeframe, and current savings and come up with a plan that helps you reach your goals.

Investment Planning

While we are not able to provide individual stock recommendations, we are able to help you determine your optimal asset allocation for your level of risk tolerance, discuss advantages and disadvantages of different industries and types of assets, help you monitor your portfolio’s performance and give you benchmarks to compare it to, and help you determine year-end tax loss/gain harvesting to best take advantage of the tax code.

Education Planning

One of the most vital parts to your children’s success in life is them succeeding in higher education. Whether that be vocational training or college, it is important to have a plan on how you or your child is going to pay for it. We can help make sure that you and your children are on the right track so that they can succeed.

Don’t See What You Are Looking For?

While the above are our most popular financial planning services, financial planning can take on many forms. Please contact us if you do not see what you are looking for! Other options include:

  • Charitable Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Insurance Planning

Please reach out to our friendly staff if you have any questions or schedule an appointment today, you will be amazed at how easy your financial success can be with Dando Financial, LLC’s financial planning services!

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