ADF&G Releases CARES Act Draft Spend Plan (Updated)

(Updated 11/9/2020)

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) has released a second draft spend plan for public comment between 11/9/2020 & 11/15/2020. The second draft (you can read it here) made the following revisions:

  • Changes to sector allocations
    • New allocation takes into account what state vessel owner resides.
  • Changes to residency requirements
  • A tier/share system for the subsistence sector
    • 1 or 2 shares based on household size
  • Active duty military special considerations
    • Those deployed between 2015 & 2020 may receive special consideration for assisstance
  • Extension of the timeframe to calculate losses
    • However, no timeframe is mentioned in this spend plan
  • Several clarifying changes have been made throughout

Sport Charter$13,230,000
Commercial Harvesting$17,150,000
Seafood Processing$15,680,000
Updated Section 12005 Funds Allocation

End of update, please see the second draft spend plan for complete information regarding your sector.

**Original Post

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) has released a draft spend plan to allocate the $50 million of Section 12005 money allocated to the Alaska fisheries industry as part of the CARES Act passed by Congress in March. According to the draft, ADF&G plans to distribute the money to three sectors of the fishing industry:

Aquaculture1% or $500,000
Subsistence3% or $1,500,000
Sport Charter32% or $16,000,000
Commercial Harvesting32% or $16,000,000
Seafood Processing32% or $16,000,000
Section 12005 Funds Allocation

The above allocations were altered from the NOAA fisheries allocation percentages, due to NOAA basing the initial allocations on prior revenues, not expected losses due to COVID-19

Money will be allocated on a per-share basis based on the number of applicants to the program. Shares will be determined by:

AquacultureNot share based (funds will be allocated based on losses)
SubsistenceEqually divided amongst applicant households
Sport Charter
Guide1 Share
Business1 Share
Guide/Business2 Shares
Commercial Harvesting
CFEC Fishery Permit1 Share
CFEC Vessel Permit1 Share
Seafood Processing1-7 shares based on revenue
Sector Share Allocation Method


Some of the general eligibility requirements are:

  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Must have more than a 35% loss in revenue due to COVID-19
    • Based on a 5-year average
    • (Do not factor in other grant funding you may have received, however, if grant funding has increased your revenue above prior years than you will be disqualified)
  • Must have operated during 2018 and 2019

Draft Only

Please note that this is a draft only, you are able to submit comments to the ADF&G until 10/19/2020 at

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