Taxpayer Advocate Service

Often times the IRS gets a bad rap when it comes to its handling of taxpayer issues. It is impressive how many tax returns, notices, and refunds that the IRS deals with without issue and as expeditiously as they do. However, when it goes wrong, it goes WRONG. I am sure that either you or someone that you know have had one of the following happen:

  • Erroneous tax lien filed on them
  • A notice of deficiency when you have paid your balance in full
  • A notice saying you didn’t file a return that you have
  • Months or years long process in resolving a simple issue
  • A wrongful determination that you do not have the knowledge to fight

Dando Financial, LLC is always happy to help you with tax matters, the process can be long and, depending on the issue, costly. Our tax preparation services include one time resolution of minor notices per year, however, we have to charge for additional followups. It also requires Form 2848 to be filed (Power of Attorney for specific tax matters), which takes weeks for the IRS to process, so swift resolution is not always possible.

If general correspondence or our help is not leading to a swift result, or there is no clear rationale to a decision by the IRS the Taxpayer Advocate Service is there to help. They have helped 4.4 million taxpayers over the past two decades and those that we know have been very happy with their service. Unfortunately in order to take advantage of this valuable resource you must meet one or more of the following requirements.

  • Have an immediate threat of adverse action against you (such as a tax lien or potential or seizure of property)
  • A delay of 30 days or more in resolution of a tax issue
  • Incurring significant costs due to failure of tax resolution
  • Irreparable or long-term impacts on taxpayer if resolution is not granted

If you meet one of the above requirements the Taxpayer Advocate Service can help with relief such as:

  • Help expediting responses from the IRS
  • Assistance receiving and/or understanding the rationale behind an IRS determination
  • Release of improper levy or help with abatement of penalties
  • Other areas not described above.

While the TAS is not a resource that is immediately available they are a valuable resource for everyone to know about and we encourage those that qualify to take advantage of this valuable resource.

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