Congress Nearing $900 Billion Stimulus Compromise

Congress appears to be nearing a compromise on the much anticipated second stimulus package that has been speculated about since May. Both sides of the aisle have made key concessions that were strongly opposed by their counterparts, this has led to increased optimism that a deal can be reached before Christmas and the Georgia Senate runoff elections.

What’s in this version?

  • Paycheck Protection Program
  • $600 checks for most Americans
  • Resources for vaccine distribution
  • $300/week federal unemployment benefits

What has been left out?

  • Much of the state aid that Democrats have been pushing for
  • Liability protections for businesses fearing COVID-related lawsuits for causing spread of the virus

What isn’t known yet

  • What riders Democrats and Republicans will tack on to the bill
  • What limits will be placed on the new PPP funds.
    • It is suspected that revenue must have decreased by 25-35%
    • We are unclear as to what will be included in the revenue figure so we cannot advise you at this point whether you will qualify

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