Dunleavy Releases FY22 Budget Proposal

Governor Dunleavy released his Fiscal Year 2022 budget on Friday nicknaming it “A Path Forward.” He has aimed to create “efficiencies within government, implements the basis for a stable fiscal future, puts money into Alaskans’ hands, and prioritizes job creation and infrastructure development.”

Dunleavy’s budget has three main areas of interest

  • Help to Alaskans Now
    • Issue remainder of 2020 PFD
    • Provide funds for necessary programs such as the court system to address sexual assault logjam, fisheries and wildlife, and construction projects
  • Infrastructure Bond
    • Up to a half a billion dollars to infrastructure projects (bridges, ports, and roads) throughout the state to help with the states unemployment caused by the pandemic
  • Fiscal Certainty for Alaskans
    • Full 2021 PFD
    • New PFD formula that requires 50% of any money distributed from the fund be for dividends (to be voted on by the people)
    • Constitutional amendments to
      • Cap spending
      • Require new taxes to be ballot measures
      • Protect the PFD

Other Areas of Interest

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